The newest member of my family – Alex!

ALEX Drawer unit on casters white Width: 26 3/8 " Depth: 18 7/8 " Height: 26 "  Width: 67 cm Depth: 48 cm Height: 66 cm

Oh, you may have thought I was talking about my-yet-to-born child. Nope, I’m talking about the storage unit the style of which the fine folks at Ikea have named Alex.

We were indeed in the land of the Swedes to shop for the house, and much of that revolving around the above mentioned kid, when I saw it. But it wasn’t until I called over my wife to look at it did I realize how well it would work for my studio. My problem is not having enough flat space for all the projects I’ve got  going at any one time. Will it work? Don’t know yet. It’s still in a box waiting for a wrench named Allen.

4 Responses to “The newest member of my family – Alex!”

  1. Akenta Says:

    Um, congratulations? He looks just like you? I can never remember what I’m supposed to say :-(

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    He does have some of my traits…white skin…no hair…small wheels…

  3. sharon Says:

    I think Allen is inside the box. Ikea has cloned him many many times so that everyone can have one!

  4. KOVALESKI Says:

    I guess cloning is legal in Swedenland.

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