What I’m reading – Civil War cartoons

So last week I said that there isn’t a bookstore close by. Well, that’s not completely true. In a plaza of outlet stores there is a bargain bookstore. It’s the kind of store that only sells close-outs, which means it impossible to find anything in particular. That’s fine by me. I love looking through bargain books but this store has a notoriously bad selection of the stuff I’m interested in. Their humor section contains mostly written humor by stand-up comics. (Really, does the world need any more “Redneck” books?)

On this day I walked in and there was the above book staring me in the face. Then I looked in the humor section – same as it ever was. But I just happened to look through the literature section and, at the bottom, was a whole bunch of graphic novels. (Graphic novels=literature. Right on.) Since I was spending over $25 I was told I could have any one of three books that were on the counter for $1 and I got the one below. After I had paid I noticed the 50¢ clearance shelf next to the register. Even more graphic novels.

There’s treasure everywhere!

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