The Unbound Stairway Project continues

The second “banner” of my grad school project is up. (To find out what the hell I’m talking about, click here.) I’ll post some specific pages in the next few days.

The day before this installation the first banner fell down. It seems that the support wire had worked its way under the adhesive of the Velcro. (Plus the climate of the stairwell can vary quite a bit.) In my head I was going through a number of possible solutions of how to make the wire less “cutty” (wind tape around it, wrap it in cardboard) when I stumbled upon it – drinking straws. So off to the cafeteria I went. (I also used more Velcro and stapled it to the pages.)

My favorite part of the process is still figuring out which page with follow which page. I attempted to not use the most obvious pairings. An example: I noticed I use a lot of animal imagery so I tried not to bunch them all in one group. And I was a little worried that I’d use all the easy-to-understand object oriented pages first of and end up with the conceptual ones and no way to tie them together.

The hanging was actually easier because of the drinking straws. After attaching the top pages around the straw I was able to position it on the wire by sliding it back and forth.

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