Thursday is the new Sunday – Extra! Extra!

When I re-read the Sunday running on today I imagined the thought that must of gone through the mind of my long-suffering, then-editor Amy when she first saw it. It was probably something like, “Oh no, he’s doing it again. He’s over-writing.” I don’t remember if she actually did talk to me about it then – she had mentioned so many times before she may have thrown up her hands and let me have my way. She knew what I would usually say – “I want a lot of words. I want the guy to be a blowhard.”

When I was writing Bo I would rarely write Sunday strips specifically – if a strip needed more room than a daily would allow, it became a Sunday. Often times the set-up of the situation was rather complex, and might take a lot of words to get it across. That was probably the case here, but I do like the way it comes off. What makes it work for me is the first panel. I could have put some of the verbiage there to spread it out a bit but the guy’s blowhardedness works better because nothing is happening in the first panel. He just bursting with the overwhelming need to talk about himself to the point that in the second panel he starts off with, “You’re probably wondering…” even though Bo wasn’t noticing him at all. A true narcissist.

In the unseen-until-now drop panel (above), Bo ties one on. (Har.)

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2 Responses to “Thursday is the new Sunday – Extra! Extra!”

  1. marek Says:

    Ha ha… I wonder, did you ever feel tempted to try to draw all that set-up in comics format? I’d like to see how it works in pictures… maybe lots of tiny pictures…

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    That would be funny, although I’m not sure it would work for this strip in particular. I think it’s funnier to have the guy say it. Then again, it might be the laziness talking.

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