Christmas loot part 1

When I’m back home (where I grew up), as I was for Christmas, I hit the big bookstores since I don’t have any close by my home (where I now live.) And since I’m a cheapskate, I look for bargains.

The Comics: The Complete Collection

Quite a find. Brian Walker (son of Beetle Bailey cartoonist Mort) had put out two massive volumes: “The Comics: Before 1945” and “The Comics: Since 1945.” They’ve been collected in one even more massiver volume called The Comics: The Complete Collection. I think this is a Borders exclusive for $20 instead of $100.

Fantagraphics has been putting out collections of Dennis the Menace a la their great Peanuts ones. Why this was marked down at Barnes and Nobles, I have no idea.

Do I have any plans to start drawing the Marvel way? Nope, but for $3.99 I wanted to have it as a reference book. And it’s a bit of nostalgia – it was in my local library growing up.

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