Studio stuff – My toy box


What office doesn’t need a toy box? Here’s a rundown of some select items from the old wooden cigar box on my desk:

1 Various finger puppets from my wife.

2 Platypus wind-up toy, tin can car, worry dolls and bobble head turtle also from my wife.

3 Packet of Vegemite from the late, great Australian cartoonist James Kemsley.

4 “Wriststrong” bracelet flung into the audience by the man himself, Stephen Colbert. (I was at a taping of his show.)

5 Fountain pen from late, great cartoonist Ford Button.

6 “Can Chasers” toy. Two cars are held onto the “road” by magnets and when you turn it on, they chase each other around the can forever.

7 Fixtures from my last “real” job. Large, fake cockroach with suction cup and bouncy floating eye. (It was the only piece of sports equipment needed for “The Eyeball Game” which me and my co-worker Scooty created.)

8 Sammy Davis Jr. poker chip that made my friend illustrator Chuck Gamble almost miss his plane in Vegas to get for me.

9 A name license plate from my youth.

10 A wooden cloud that was part of some sort of nursery rhyme scenario that hung on my wall as a child.

11 A badge that has to do with a cartoonist variety show. (That’s all you need to know.)

12 French Curious George key chain and Japanese Elmo chopstick rest.

13 Artomat patch. My wife and I did pieces for them. The concept is cool beyond belief. You gotta check them out.

14 I had sent cartoonist Bucky Jones a dollar store painting (click here for more info on what that is) and he sent me this item with a note that read, “Thank you for the wonderful gift. I don’t have anything nearly as nice to send you so please accept this mold of my teeth.” (He sent me an x-ray of his hand just recently.)

15 A figure sent to me by Chuck Gamble that might just be the title character from the song “Who The Hell Is Mrs. Valdez?” by the “scariest band in the world”, Deadbolt.

16 A couple noise-making thingies.

17 Spark-shootin ray gun.

18 Wooden robot.

19 Woodpecker toy from Prague. It vibrates its way from the top of the “tree” to the bottom.

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