What I’m reading this week – (That’s a good question)


I read a graphic novel collection of this in the library and, really, I could barely follow it.


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6 Responses to “What I’m reading this week – (That’s a good question)”

  1. Jeff Donato Says:

    Reading some Batman RIP eh? Yeah, I think Grant Morrison really likes to confound his readers. He thinks he’s the Stanley Kubrick of comics… but Alan Moore already holds that crown. If you wanna talk comic books, I’ve been an avid reader for 26 years now and i have a 30 book a month habit- i’m trying to cut back, but it’s tough. (It used to be 50, but Marvel IMO has taken a turn for the worst writingwise). NIce site here John. I particularly like the section on Illustration (for obvious reasons).


  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    Yes, I would like to chat, although my superhero knowledge has gotten low. BTW, I’ve got Watchman with me to read for the class I’m teaching on Tuesday. And I got Promethea out of the Camp Goddard library to read for some more background on his work.

  3. Jeff Donato Says:

    Watchmen is, as the back suggests, “peerless”. It’s such a brilliant piece of storytelling. Promethea was great for me, being an enthusiast of all things metaphysical and symbolic as it connects so many different religions and myths- each chapter covers a different subject. I loved it. The 6th book in the series is epic. I own an entire shelf of Alan Moore. I think his run on Swamp Thing is his best. Reading it, i see where he pulled inspiration for almost all of his following works. If you enjoy 1950s-60s retro sci-fi, check out Tom Strong.
    See you later!


  4. Jon Stump Says:

    I was not a fan of RIP. Recently in Batman & Robin, also written by Morrison, there was an editorial screw up where Batwoman and Batman’s dialogue was reversed. It took me about 10 minutes to realize that it wasn’t Morrison screwing with my head.

    I’m a man of simpler comics and I readily admit that most Grant Morrison and most Alan Moore just makes my head hurt. I really enjoy Moore’s Swamp Thing. The art is gorgeous and the whole, what makes a man, question works so well in that title.

  5. Jeff Donato Says:

    You are so right John.
    Hahah, i think i recall the dailogue you are speaking of. I’ll bet the editor just decided to keep it as it was because it was Morrison and no one would know the difference. The Morrison Batman and Robin book is nowhere NEAR as good as All Star Superman was. He’s pretty hit or miss (kind of like Frank MIller) with me.
    RIP, admittedly, I liked to a point. But, I could pick it apart, and as it was later connected Final Crisis (which was pretty horrid)- it lost whatever genuine feeling it might have retained as a part of the Batman continuity.
    Batman versus the devil… i love that idea.
    Moore- i think i get just because I’ve read almost every comic he has produced outside of Miracle Man (which they are reprinting and I WILL be reading asap). But again, yes- the simpler writing styles of Mark Millar, Jeph Loeb, Geoff Johns and the like most certainly are more appealing and less threatening to my personal feelings on how super heros should be portrayed.
    I need that warm and fuzzy, hands on hips, up up and away thing more often than not. The familiarity is what i crave now.
    At this point I think they’ve deconstructed and reconstructed our heros enough. Let’s just catch the bad guys, save the girl and return to the batcave.


  6. KOVALESKI Says:


    Your comic book kung fu id greater than mine.

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