Studio stuff – Miscellaneous


More “wacky stuff” in my studio. From left to right: An original cartoon from my friend, the late, great Ford Button (his wife gave me it as a wedding gift), an old magazine ad with three comic strip guys – Al Capp (Lil Abner), Milt Caniff (Steve Canyon) and Walt Kelly (Pogo) – pimping Sheaffer fountain pens (from my friend Sue), a mug with a Ford cartoon holding a bunch of his pens, a tin of Tuxedo Crabmeat*, a tiki man from my friend Chuck (a tribute to our favorite band, Deadbolt)**, an original oil painting…from the Dollar Store***, a shellaced piece of coal from the Pennsylvanian mines my grandfather worked in, a bottle of beer with a label done by Dave Covery of Speed Bump fame. On the side of the bookcase you can see part of calendar from a local Mexican store. The illustration looks like it’s from an Aztec-y romance novel.

* This was a famous item I had in my cubicle at my last job. The label has a great cartoon of a crab in a tuxedo with monocle on one of his eye stalks. The other reason I had it is because it was from the Dollar Store…and the concept of buying seafood at a discount store was just fascinating.

** He bought it in Hawaii…in a Walmart, because he couldn’t find a “real” one in a more “authentic” store. He had to glue on the eyes himself.

*** Yes, I know these were painted in China, probably in a sweatshop and that is indeed horrifying but, once again, I was fascinated by the ability to buy an original painting at the Dollar Store. (I bought a stack of these that I gave to friends. Might have one or two extras left.)

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