Dig that crazy grave*

Yet another almost-Halloween strip that, by happenstance, reran today on Gocomics.com. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you – Mr. Bench: Gravedigger.

(* A great title from the Shell Scott wacky/tough guy private eye series of books by Richard S. Prather. I’ve got way too many of these on my shelves – and yet I don’t have the edition with this cover.)

Dig That Crazy Grave by stripforme.

2 Responses to “Dig that crazy grave*”

  1. Katie MacKellar Says:

    The synopsis on the front of the book is amazing. I just had to point that out. :)

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    They’re all quite fun. I believe one of them has Shell Scott naked hanging from a hot air balloon (the plot has something to do with a nudist colony.) Other titles: “Threes a Shroud,” “Always Leave ’em Dying: and “The Scrambled Yeggs.” (What’s a “yegg”?)

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