An honor to be nominated…

Surprise, surprise. Just found out this morning that two of my books (APPEELING: The Best of Bo Nanas and Jack N. Box) are finalists for the SPACE prize. (Who knew you got presents on Columbus Day?)

(Wait a sec. SPACE is based in Columbus, OH. Now I understand how the universe works.)

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6 Responses to “An honor to be nominated…”

  1. Dorian Says:

    Congratulations John!! You know I think you do excellent work…..but I’m not giving out any prizes at the present moment. ;)

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    Thanks, Dorian. If you ever do start giving out awards, please keep me in mind.

  3. alex Says:

    This is very cool! You know which one Leon would vote for :)

  4. KOVALESKI Says:

    I think I might…

  5. James Anderson Says:


  6. KOVALESKI Says:

    Thanks, Jim.

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