New comic strip – Fort Knox

The new comic strip by my good friend* Paul Jon just started a few day ago, and I could be more thrilled for him. You can check out Fort Knox here and here and become a Facebook fan here.

(* How good a friend am I? I actually co-officiated his wedding with my get-it-off-the-internet minister’s license. Paul Jon even listed me in the program as “Rev. John Kovaleski.”)

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3 Responses to “New comic strip – Fort Knox”

  1. Paul Jon Says:


    Thanks for this. You are a TRUE friend and you can marry me anytime (to my wife, of course).

    Your pal,


  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    My pleasure, PJ. Enjoy your first week in “the show.”

  3. Aubrielle Wood Says:

    I LOVE WESLEY!!!!!!!!!! I HATE BETTY WU!!!!!!!!!!!

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