Studio tour part 4 – Effigies

You’d think that by the number of representations of myself in my studio that I’m some sort of egotist, but really, it’s not my fault.


This is a bobble head that my friend Chuck Gamble made of/for me on the occasion of my 40th birthday. Because of some painting/curing problem it was sticky for, oh, about five years until I found some sealant to spray on it.


Another birthday present. This is a marionette my then girlfriend/now wife made for me. (This was a year after she made a Muppet-like puppet of her roommate for his birthday.)


OK, so this one I did have something to do with. This is a self-caricature I did while working for Xerox (my last real job). I came back from vacation to find that my friend Scooty had made a mobile out of it. (I think he may have also wallpapered my cubicle with Cheap Trick lyrics.)

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