Studio tour part 1


These next couple of weeks I’ll be posting pics of my studio. It’s on the third floor of the  house we’ve lived in for just over a year. I have most of the floor but share it with a combo bathroom/laundry. (The photo above was taken by my wife at the request of John Read for an upcoming interview for his Stay Tooned magazine. I cropped it so you can’t see my broken toe.) My drawing table is an old wooden one I found at the side of a road and wrestled into my station wagon. The chair was mine at a job I had – I bought it at auction when my employer went out of business. Under the top of the drawing table you can see the back of the futon that faces the TV. (It’s good for “thinking.”)


This is from the other direction (and before I put art up on the walls). It shows off a wee bit more of the mess. That’s an old door across the filing cabinets with an even older library card catalog below it, and an even older paper cutter on top of that.


2 Responses to “Studio tour part 1”

  1. Sandra Bell-Lundy Says:

    Great photo of you, John! And I love the studio pics. Can’t wait to see the rest. I thought about showing some photos of my studio on my blog but I’d have to clean it up first . . . not gonna happen.

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    Thanks, Sandra. It was taken in five minutes just before we went to the dentist.

    You should definitely put up pix. Forget the mess – I love seeing other cartoonists’ studios.

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