MAD #501 – Name dropping

The nice thing about being around for a while in “the biz” is that you start to know people. Now when I thumb through MAD Magazine I do a lot of “I know him…and him…and him…” Let’s go through the most recent issue, shall we?

Page 9
Sam Viviano (a sweetheart of a guy and I’m not just saying that cuz he’s the art director at MAD and, thus, my boss.)

Page 10
Paul Gilligan (the creator of the comic strip Pooch Cafe that I met through the National Cartoonist Society)
Bob Staake (have met in person, but beforehand he patiently explained his PhotoShop coloring techniques to me via e-mail. I still use them today.)

Page 12
Scott Nickel
Page 14
Jim Hunt
Page 46
Teresa Burns Parkhurst
(have met these three folks only via e-mail when I was the humor editor for Marian Heath Greeting Cards.)

Page 25
Tom Richmond
(met Tom via the NCS about 10 years ago. Last time we were together was at Comic Con, signing MADs and he showed me up again and again by drawing Alfred E. Newman well…something I could not pull off.)

Page 32
John Caldwell
Page 50
Jason Youngbluth
(met them only a couple of times when I was the chair of the Upstate NY chapter of the NCS – John and I still exchange Christmas cards.)

Page 39
Sergio Aragones
Back cover
Al Jaffee
(honorable mentions since I’ve met both at NCS functions but I doubt they’d remember me, although Sergio might recognize me in a pinch.)

I’m on page 51, by the way.

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