Thursday is the new Sunday – Not just a river in Egypt…


The Sunday strip rerunning on today is one the very few times I cut-n-pasted a strip. (You can see that the art is the same except for the hands and mouths.) The art came from a daily strip that was also about ordering off a kiddie menu and the gag line was “because I like my food cut up for me.” The problem is, that line is ripped off from an old Bob and Ray radio routine. It had been so deeply lodged in my brain since I was a kid that I made it my own. After I put it in that strip, I realized who’s it was and never ran it. The strip sat around for a long time before I came up with a rewrite. Not sure why I didn’t redraw it – lack of time, I guess.

Don’t have much to say about the drop panel about except it’s pointy.

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