Thursday is the new Sunday – Cosplay


The Sunday strip rerunning on today shows the proper way to use a terrible pun: first use then, then point out how atrocious it is. See how that works? You acknowledge what a low form of humor it is so you don’t have to apologize…but you still got to use it! Sneaky, huh?

The drop panel above is a bit subtle. Do you get it?

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3 Responses to “Thursday is the new Sunday – Cosplay”

  1. Akenta Says:

    barely see the milk mustache, but got it (thanks for pointing it out)

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    You got it. Thanks for playing. (Wasn’t sure that everyone would see it on their different monitors.)

  3. Dorian Says:

    Nice job Akenta! I didn’t see it till I clicked on the “make a comment” page. Thought it might be a “If seen, please call…” kind of pic at first. :)

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