Birthday presents


My birthday was a few weeks ago. My wife asked me what I wanted and I really couldn’t think of anything…except a chair. I’ve always wanted a thinking/reading/napping chair for my studio. But my last two studios were, respectively, a part of a bedroom and a small bedroom, each without any extra space. The house we bought last year has a great third floor space that makes a terrific studio (it even has enough room for a thinking/reading/napping futon with a thinking/reading/napping TV). And, being on the third floor, it has a dormer window – perfect for a chair. So we off we went to visit some local stores with no luck, and then took an hour trip to Ikea. And there it was, just waiting for us as we walked in the door. And it was on sale – which is why it was by the door in the first place. (I’m pretty sure it was a discontinued style since I couldn’t find a photo on the Ikea site. Mine has blue stripes.) It’s their “Karlstad” style. I just call it Karl the Chair. We’re very happy together.

In out travels that day we also stopped at Barnes and Noble and found this two-volume Willie and Joe collection that came out last year for just $20. (I think it was originally $85.) Now I can read one present while sitting in another present.

2 Responses to “Birthday presents”

  1. Katie MacKellar Says:

    John and I bought a Karlstad sofa last year and we LOVE it!! It is perfect for reading/thinking/sleeping/TV/videogames/boardgames/etc.! Ours is light blue…and now covered in cat hair. :)

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    I think in the end it was just the cover that was on sale. I did see the light blue one covering. I was going to get the “cat hair” model but I’m too cheap.

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