Comic Con- Part 5 – Consumerism

I wasn’t planning on buying much at Comic Con besides my friend R. Sikoryak‘s new book Masterpiece Comics. I was looking for a trade paperback of this odd British superhero comic called “Jack Staff.” I found a place that had half-price trades, and this was my downfall. The next day they had marked them down to $5, which was even more my downfaller. And not only did they have Jack Staff, they had way too many trades of another character by the same author. Here’s what I got:

• Jack Staff Vol 2 by Paul Grist

• Five books of “Kane” also by Paul Grist

• Six Mike Mignola books (Hellboy, BPRD, Lobster Johnson) Stupidly I bought two of the same.

• Three Windsor McCay reprints

• A Sin City I didn’t have.

• League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol 3, I think)

• A bio of Will Eisner

• Rocketo Vol 2 by Frank Espinosa

• Joss Wedon’s Fray for my wife

• And a rare DVD collection of the Steve Canyon TV series put together by Milt Caniff’s estate.

I bought so much I had to make sure I sold/gave away/burned enough of the books I brought to balance out the weight of books I was bringing home.

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