The end of Bo, revisited – #7

bo nanas-2007-07-28

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13 Responses to “The end of Bo, revisited – #7”

  1. Dorian Says:

    I just caught up. SO SAD! It really feels like he’s going away….

    Hi John! Hope you had fun at ComicCon. :)

  2. Akenta Says:

    Dorian, I agree. I’m kind of hoping he’s had a fun couple of years and might be coming back.

  3. KOVALESKI Says:

    I did want it to be a bit melancholy… and I really have no idea where he went.

    I did have a good time at CC. I’ll post about it soon.

  4. KOVALESKI Says:


  5. Dorian Says:

    That’s what I thought too Akenta! Attention John – it might be the perfect way to reintroduce Bo…he could tell the story about where he went and what he did and who he met. *insert wishful thinking here* :)

  6. KOVALESKI Says:

    (emoticon of a cartoonist stroking his chin thoughtfully and saying “Hmmm.”)

  7. Akenta Says:

    Dorian, do you think he’s just teasing us?

  8. KOVALESKI Says:

    (emoticon of a cartoonist not teasing but actually thinking about it.)

  9. Dorian Says:

    LOL! I hope not Akenta!

  10. Akenta Says:

    Dorian, he looks kind of serious – I think he likes your suggestion. I hear those wheels turning :-)

  11. KOVALESKI Says:

    Rustily turning.

  12. Judy Says:


    Can I adopt Bo? If not, I’ll have to settle for reading about him in his adventures your creative mind brings to us!

    I send what I call the “Daily Bo” to my boyfriend each day from the Go Comics website. We really like Bo.


  13. KOVALESKI Says:

    Thanks so much, Judy.

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