The end of Bo, revisited – #1

bo nanas-2007-07-22

My comic strip “Bo Nanas” ended on July 28, 2007. I though I’d rerun the last week of strips that finished up the whole 4+ years. This wrap-up was a bit too packed – it would’ve been nice to spread it over two weeks. The decision had been made two months previous but I still had a backlog of strips to get through and, in the end, it was kinda painful to put together the last strips. Probably better to keep it short.

This is the Sunday strip the started it off. It was originally horizontal but I rotated it so you don’t have to flip your monitor or strain your neck.

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2 Responses to “The end of Bo, revisited – #1”

  1. Bill LaRocque Says:

    As a reader, there will be a big hole in my comics page. I’ve come to really like this character and commentary. John, you will be back with another feature I’m sure.

    Always a fan…


  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    Thanks, Bill. Luckily, there are reruns through the magic of the internet.

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