My travels – Part 4 – Book expo

Yet another in my series of late posts. This one is about Book Expo in NYC which was, indeed, over a month ago. Book Expo is where publishers come to hawk their new wares to bookstores, libraries, colleges, etc. And as swag goes, it’s pretty high on the list. It’s hard to turn a corner without someone putting a free book into your hands. (As a matter of fact, the Javits Center has a shipping department set up because it can become impossible to carry your booty home.) My wife’s advice is “You do not have to take every book that is offered to you.”

Did I mention that there’s also a lot of authors signing books? Here’s the ones I got:

Liberty Meadows 10th Anniversary Special Edition signed by Frank Cho

MOME (Vol 13) signed by Dash Shaw

Adventures in Cartooning signed by the authors and James Sturm’s daughter Eva, who has a drawing in it

Zig-zagging signed by Tom Wilson II (“Ziggy”)

Silent but Deadly signed by Mark Tatulli (“Lio”)

Flawed Dogs signed by Berkley Breathed (“Bloom County”)

Wizard of OZ comic signed by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young

X-men Forever signed by Chris Claremont

• and a Buffy comic signed by the author whose name escapes me (it was for my wife and is her pile of books and stuff.)

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