I (heart) NY

It’s true, I do (heart) NY…just not so much during a one-day whirlwind trip.

The up-and-back trip (total car hours: 1, total train hours: 7) was part of one of my many jobs as a freelancer – I’m the Humor Editor for Marian Heath Greeting Cards and I was going to the Stationery Show. This is a big trade show and it gives me the chance to see what’s going on in the industry, scope out talent and see my colleagues at MH, since they are based in Wareham, MA and I’m not.

I decided to do it all in one day because there’s too much going on…but my bad back wasn’t happy about it. I’ve been nursing it for a few weeks and then I pulled it in the car yesterday morning just turning my head to look at my blind spot. Sheesh.

Since I had a few hours tween the show’s end and my train back, I hightailed it to the Strand Bookstore. Words don’t do this place justice. Lots of books, all discounted. They’ve expanded their cartooning section since I was there last year. Could’ve brought home an armload but just got the latest Best American Comics (guest editor Lynda Barry) and another anthology edited by Ivan Brunetti. Good reading on the train ride back home.


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