Kid #!!$?!ing safe


So I’m at Comix Connections on Free Comic Book Day a few weeks ago. I’m signing prints and drawing, mostly for kids. People occasion purchase one of my books, mostly the “Jack N. Box” comic book, probably because it’s the least expensive thing on the table. Then I realize that many of these people are parents buying it while I draw for their kids, probably buying it for their kids…and I remember that the word “crap” is in it* and it might not be considered “kid friendly.” So I immediately whisper this to the parent who’s buying it and she thanks me and passes on it. The next parent didn’t care (the kid was way to young to read anyway.)

Oddly enough, in a couple of the comic books – specifically published for Free Comic Book Day and, thus, available for any kid to pick up – there were a few derivations of the word “ass.” (I think one was “badass.” The other might have been “dumbass.”)

*  “Crap and a half” is sort of Hanniball’s catch phrase.

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