Comix Connection

I had a great time Saturday at Free Comic Book Day at Comix Connection. I had really been impressed by their store (and their staff) when I stumbled in for the first time a few months ago, looking for a Hellboy comic for my class. So I dropped them a line and asked about doing something and, voila.

I got there just before 10:00 and the joint was hopping. And there were a lot of families with kids, which was great since comic book stores can be a bit fanboy-centric. I was there for four hours, meeting people, drawing on Bo prints I was giving away…until I ran out. Then I drew on these odd cover sheets that the printer put around each and every copy of my Jack N. Box comic book (a pain to take off.)

It was pretty wonderful and I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks to Bill and Ned and their staff (Jared, Josh Jim and anyone else I’m forgetting) for having me.

Oh, did I mention that I did some shopping there? Well, I certainly did.

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