SPACE recap – Part 1

Marek Bennet

Well, I’m back from SPACE (the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, not, y’know, the place with all the planets.) Since it’s a busy week ahead, I’m going to do my recap in random posts throughout the next few days (as well as run art from some of the cool people I met there. Please click on it and visit their websites.)

First off, I have a spectacularly hurting back. It’s been bad for a couple of weeks but really flared up just a few days before SPACE, which includes two things that backs just love: long hours of driving and lifting boxes of books.

I actually packed the car before going the chiropractor Friday morning then took a nap after my appointment but, in the end, the drive just about crippled me. Pain, walking crooked, not being able to support my own weight. (The last symptom resulted in my not shaving the whole w-end and looking like Gabby Hayes.) But the drive itself was OK. Fueled by Advil and Mountain Dew, I chatted (via cellular technology) with my parents and sister, a colleague and a former student. Took me about eight hours to get to Jenny Robb’s house. (She is the assistant curator of The Ohio State Cartoon Library & Museum.) As always, good to have friends is strategic places around the country for guest-room mooching

Next up: My memory fails me.

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