Thursday is the new Sunday – Plumber’s helper


I think the the Sunday strip rerunning on today comes off pretty well. But, for me, the funniest part happens early on; in the second panel. Just what was the “unfortunate accident” that would result in a plunger getting stuck on your head?

The drop panel above is your standard tail-replacement gag. Bo looks a little weird to me because it was an existing piece of art that I flopped – he was originally facing left, not right. (I recently talked about how artwork can look odd flopped in my “Graphic Novel to Film” class when we covered Metropolis by Osamu Tezuka. The artwork of the original Japanese version was flopped for the English translation.)

All of this brings up a “dirty little secret” regarding my drop panels: they are created digitally. (Shocking, I know.) I prefer to do art the old fashioned way – on paper. But to do that with the Sundays strips would’ve meant larger bristol board that wouldn’t fit on my scanner. And I knew probably no one would ever see them (well, until now), so cobbling them out of pre-existing art and adding some supplemental drawing, all in Photoshop, seemed like the way to go.

Do you respect me any less?

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2 Responses to “Thursday is the new Sunday – Plumber’s helper”

  1. Davis Says:

    I’d say we respect you even MORE!

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    Aw, thanks.

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