Cartoonists I dig – Frank Springer

It’s after midnight, I should be in bed but I was clicking around the web, landed on Mark Evanier’s site and found out Frank Springer had died on Thursday. He was 79.


I should be in bed, but I feel the need to type this…

Frank was such a kind-hearted sweetheart of a guy. I met him at the National Cartoonist Society Reuben Weekend in 1994. It was my second time at The Rubes, but I still didn’t know many people and felt a bit lost. I don’t know if Frank sensed this but he started talking to me at the cocktail party, telling me about baseball players that had the same name as mine. He even mailed me some info from a stats book. We became friends.

Such a great guy, and although he had all that white, wavy hair, he seemed pretty ageless…

At The Rubes a few years ago, I was talking with Frank, telling him about my new home town, a hot spot of the Civil War. I was going off about how I was discovering that some people don’t view “The War of Northern Aggression” like some others do…when I found out that Frank, because of his heritage, was one of those “some people” (while I was in the “some others” camp). He was very nice about it when he told me but I just apologized over and over again for insulting him. He said that it was OK, to just forget about it.

When I got home I bought him a lapel pin displaying a certain flag and sent it to him…because that’s how important his friendship was to me.

And now to bed. Good night.

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One Response to “Cartoonists I dig – Frank Springer”

  1. Bill LaRocque Says:

    I had similar experiences, John. He was a great guy and always spoke up (and had something to say) at the business meetings. A real gentleman.

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