Happy new year…again…part 2

Got a second? Check out today’s strip in the never-ending Bo-as-temp-waiter-looking-for-the-right-party saga on GoComics.com. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

(emoticon of a man examining his fingernails then rubbing them on his lapel like he’s in a movie from the 40s)

The year that this strip ran originally this was pretty much the New Years Eve my wife and I had. We had just flown back from visiting her family and were just about to drive six hours to visit my family when my back went out while I was looking into the dryer. Not lifting anything – just bending over and looking. Plans were changed and we spent New Years Eve Day on the couch, watching “comfort movies” and eating take-out. We watched fireworks from the window of my studio for a few minutes and went to bed.

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