Malls of my youth


Christmas is in full swing with the Mall Elf strips that are rerunning on In today’s strip I show a giant, ugly mall clock. A reader commented that malls don’t have clocks any more, which is true when I think about it. I guess this was an unconscious “tribute” to the malls of my youth.

There was a “so-ugly-it’s-beautiful” clock in an ancient mall in my hometown. Midtown Plaza was the first downtown, indoor mall in the US. It just got torn down and I hope the clock was preserved.

(sound of me googling)

Yep, it did. He’s a pic of the clock.

In 2001 I did the above piece for the non-defunct Rochester Magazine. It’s about a child’s memories of visiting Santa’s Mountain (I think that’s what it was called) and riding the super-cool monorail. It was a very common childhood experience where I grew up, yet I never did it. Although, I did work in downtown Rochester for a number of years and my co-workers and I would talk about trying to get on it as adults. (We were denied.)

(The last “real” job I had was right downtown and I’d often go over to the dollar store in Midtown when I was bored. And there I got some spectacular finds – some actually “famous” amongst my circle of friends – including the can of Tuxedo Crabmeat and the “Original Oil Painting.” These will be featured prominently in the “Virtual Studio Tour” I’ve got planned to post.)

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