A little off the top


I’ve been shaving my head since 1993 and am very particular about what razors, shaving cream, etc. that work for me.

Well, razors aren’t cheap and I can go through a lot with the acreage I’ve got to maintain.

But I’ve have found my brand of razors at discount stores. Hooray for me.

And then I found, at the self same stores, generic versions of the razors I use. “Why not?” I think, “What could it hurt?”

The top of my head, that’s what.

I’ve never cut myself so badly. It was actually a chunk out of my scalp. It wouldn’t stop bleeding. People at school asked me if I’d been attacked by a bear.

When I got home the missus cleaned me up and there was no choice but to put band-aid on the wound. And since we have no “normal” band-aids in the house (please refer to “the papercut/interview story“) I went with this cartoon one. Unfortunately, because my boo-boo was more vertical than horizontal, the band-aid reads more like “moo” than “oow,”

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