The Case of the Missing Wiki

Let’s start with a confession: Sometimes, when I’m bored, I Google myself. (Shameful, I know.)

During one of these shameful events, I found that I was listed on Wikipedia. Nothing much, just a sentence about me doing Bo Nanas from 2003 until 2007. But it was still kinda cool.

A week or so later I looked for it again and it was gone. I was able to stumble upon the list of people that had edited the entry. There was about eight of them…and the last one delete me.

I’m just a working class cartoonist who did a comic strip that only a few people had heard of…and this guy decided that I didn’t deserve that one sentence. Makes you think. Was I not worthy of that sentence? And what about that guy – does he just surf Wikipedia looking for one-sentencers to erase from existence?

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