Thursday is the new Sunday – and the NUDE Sunday


The nation’s nightmare is finally over. After two long, nail-biting weeks of not knowing what day the rerunning Bo color Sundays strips would show up (or if they would at all), they have returned! On a Thursday! Tradition!!

The Sunday up on today is one of my favs. I just realized that part of the premise of this strip is one I used a number of times. No, it’s not Bo and his nudity, but that one of the garden-variety nutballs that Bo meets considers their house, yard or block they live on to be of much larger importance than it is. In this case – a sovereign country.

The drop panel above is a standard head-peek coupled with that ol’ comedy chestnut, wearing a barrel while naked. (A question: Did this ever happen in the real world or is it just a device invented for cartoons and movies?)

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