My new class – “Graphic Novel to Film”

My new class at Gettysburg College started on Friday. I mentioned this class when I posted about why I was not going to review Frank Miller’s film version of The Spirit. Here’s a list of what we’re going to be looking at:

(Even though “graphic novel” has become it’s own genre in the public’s mind, I’m expanding the definition for the class to be “work done under one creator”. Let’s face it, a graphic novel is just a long comic.)

The Spirit (2008 flop and 1987 TV movie)
Sin City
American Splendor
Ghost World
The Rockteer
V for Vendetta
(live action film “Asterix and Obelix vs Caesar” and animated feature)
(by Osamu Tezuka)
Road to Perdition
History of Violence

And for the mid-term paper:
Tales from the Crypt
(the HBO TV series)

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2 Responses to “My new class – “Graphic Novel to Film””

  1. Sue Says:

    I tried to imagine a live action Asterix and my brain dislocated. How can such a thing be? Are people dressed up in mascot suits? Yikes.

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    On video cover it’s “real” people. They use some make-up so the actors resemble the comics. And Gérard Depardieu seems to be wearing high-waisted fat suit pants.

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