A cut above the rest…

Last Thursday some nice folks from Celebrate Gettysburg Magazine came over to interview me. Like preparing for a party, I tried to straighten up the studio and get some things done that had been gathering in piles on the floor, like paying bills. In the process of opening an envelope I gave myself a sweet paper cut right between my thumb and forefinger.

I needed to put something on it so I pulled out one of the stocking stuffers from my wife – a box of comics-themed band-aids.

Granted, this was a purposeful “Look at me – I’m a cartoonist” choice for the interview. But when I thought about it, the other choices of bandages in the house were Simpsons, Batman or The Tick (which I only use on special occasions/wounds).

2 Responses to “A cut above the rest…”

  1. alex Says:

    Christopher and I both went around in Scooby Do bandaids recently – in fact, I think C had a meeting with the surgeon general a few weeks ago, sporting Scooby Do rather prominently.

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    I would think the Surgeon General would appreciate a fine looking band-aid.

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