New Years whatever

I would bet that all cartoonists unconsciously put their thoughts/feelings/viewpoints into their work. And I would bet that I do too. Although since it’s “unconscious,” I couldn’t tell you exactly.

One thing that I did consciously put into Bo Nanas was that I don’t care for some of the aspects of observing New Years. Expecting changes just because of a date change always seemed foolish…


…as does drunken revelry.


But I’m not a complete Scrooge/Grinch about the whole thing. I’ll be hanging out with the missus and friends in the square of our small town, placing bets on whether the low-flying fireworks set fire to the giant fake Christmas tree.

(OK, in my obsessive need to always make a joke, I did come off a little Scroogish/Grinchesque. Sorry ’bout that.)

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