Nakedidity Scorecard – 1

The Bo/Mrs. Yannes/kiddie pool strip up on today is a prime example of my use of nudity as gag fodder. Most of this comes from the fact that Bo is nude, but sometimes it would be the crazy people he meets who are in some sort of state of undress (cuz that’s the kind of thing crazy people would do). Did I dip into the nudity well too often? Well, I don’t know – but I did do it a number of times.

Hey, I have an idea! Let’s count together. Pull out your Official Bo Nanas Nakedidity Scorecard (TM) and put a big “1” on it. Every time a NG (nudity gag) shows up on we’ll change the number together. Won’t that be fun? And if you notice a NG before I post about it, I’ll send you a little prize. (What will the prize be? Haven’t the slightest. I just thought of it while I was typing.) The first person to e-mail me wins. So keep your eyes, like your bananas, peeled.

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