Only 3,628,800 shopping seconds ’til Christmas

The Gettysburg Times is the only newspaper still running Bo Nanas strips (although they’re reruns.) The editor called and asked me if I had any Christmas-themed Bo drawings. See, they run a “XX shopping days ’til Christmas” ad on the front page through December using Peanuts art. And this year they wanted to expand to include November, with Bo art if possible.

Well, a few years ago I decided to do original drawings as Christmas presents for everyone at my syndicate, the Washington Post Writers Group. The bad part about this plan is that since everyone is in the same office it would seem kind of chinchy of me to do the same drawing 17 times. So I came up with 17 different ones. Amazingly enough, I liked them enough to scan them

I did color versions of six and they started running November 1. I couldn’t bring myself to post them that early so I figured I’d start now and run one every week till the big day.


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2 Responses to “Only 3,628,800 shopping seconds ’til Christmas”

  1. Sharon B Says:

    Go, G’burg Times! This shows how little I think of the local paper — when I first saw these, I thought, “hey, cool, Bo is being used for shopping day ads!” but my next thought was “I wonder if they are just cropping these out of Cristmas strips and ripping off John?”

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    Nope, they’ve been really nice about it. And I’m happy that Bo is still in print daily.

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