How I spent my summer vacation – Part 2

Like I said in Part 1, I went to Paraguay to visit my wife. And like in Part 1, I’m going to ignore Paraguay yet again and tell you about someplace else we went – the Iguassu Falls in Brazil. We had just taken a safari that included a very wet and, for me, slightly terrifying boat ride into the falls. We were around the food/souvenir area by the top for the falls. There’s a life-sized bronze statue of the guy who made the whole joint protected land years ago. His hands are outstretched and people seem to love to have their picture taken holding his hands. My wife and I were just wandering around when I see an animal I’ve never seen before – not even on TV – just strolling by. Holy moley, what the heck is that? It has a racoon’s tail but a long snout. I want to yell at the people, “Hey, stop fooling with that stupid statue and look at this!” It’s like the first time I saw a manatee on TV (also an animal I’d never seen or heard of before) but this thing is in front of me. Excited, I start following it and take this pic.

Continuing our walk around the falls I figured out that I had not discovered some new species. As a matter of fact, these things are common as squirrels. They’re called Quati and they’re the Mickey Mouse of the Iguassu Falls, appearing on all sorts of souvenirs. At one point a herd of them came thundering down the path towards us (well, not thundering – they have teeny little feet). Even thought they seemed pretty harmless, I wasn’t sure what to do. They invaded the nearby garbage can, ate what they could find and swiftly moved on to the next. Here’s the page from my sketchbook diary from that day.

Next time: I get to the part about Paraguay. I promise.

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