MAD Kids #12 – Wall•e

In the issue of MAD Kids before #12 (which would be #11, if you’re good at math), I did a build-your-own Wall•e blueprint. The sketch is below (click to make big) and there’s a bit of “kid subversive” humor – in other words, toilet references. The editor brought up the possible problem of suggesting that a kid eat four cans of Pringles at one sitting to get four lids for the wheels. Instead I changed it to margarine tubs and recommended that they not eat them all at one sitting. (But you know what happens when you tell a kid not to do something…)

The editors had me add a line about having kids send in pics of their own homemade Wall•es and five of them appear in the letters section of the most recent issue. (The would be #12, if you’re keeping score.

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