Thursday is the new Sunday – A cut above the rest

The Sunday running today on is about Bo cutting the grass. It’s perfect for a Sunday comics section- it’s about household chores, that many readers do on the weekend, and it has a cute little inoffensive gag line about us all needing a little personal attention once in a while. (So very true.)

On closer inspection, it could be about a blade of grass that is standing up for himself and is not going to be “cut down” and forced to conform like some many of his green brothers have been by society/establishment/the man. (Of course, in this case “the man” is a monkey.)

The drop panel for this is one of the two types of “peeks” – Bo’s tail peeks out from something and Bo’s head peeks above something (see Bucket drop panel). (I use these over and over again so you may want to make up your own scorecard.)

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