I have my own superhero suit . . . but it’s not my fault.

In 1991, my friend Jamie, who was also a video producer, asked me to write a humorous script for an industrial video with an environmental bent. So I came up with this idea of a lame superhero named Enviroman – not really a superhero as much as a nutjob who fancied himself a superhero. When I acted out the idea for Jamie he suggested that I play the character myself. (I assumed it was meant as a compliment so I agreed to do it.)

The client loved the idea and we went ahead with preproduction. We had pictured his costume as something out of a laundry hamper – long underwear, a towel for a cape and so on – but the client had other ideas. They wanted this character to be an on-going proposition – a mascot or something like that – with a “real” superhero suit. So off I went to our local professional theater company to have a custom-made costume created. Never have I been so thoroughly measured for a garment.

A few days before we were to start shooting, a higher-up in the company read the script, freaked out because it was funny and shut the whole thing down.

And I ended up with the suit. After all, it didn’t fit anyone but me.

8 Responses to “I have my own superhero suit . . . but it’s not my fault.”

  1. mark heath Says:

    When you’re cartooning, do you sit on the cape, or flip it over the back of your chair?

  2. kovaleski Says:

    I bunch it up and use it for lower back support.

  3. mark heath Says:

    I know that’s a joke, but what a great idea. When I go for long drives, I squeeze a small ball between my lower back and the seat. Or if the ball is handy, I’ll do the same thing in the office. But if I routinely wore a cape, I’d be guaranteed lower back support, wherever I happened to be.

    I think we’ve just penned the origin story for Lower Back Support Man.

  4. kovaleski Says:

    I use a thin, rolled up blanket in the car for my back. All I have to do is tie it around my neck and, voila, instant cape.

  5. Keith Says:

    Sweet duds. You can be the resident vigilante! I’ll be on the lookout for the big recycle symbol in the sky.

  6. kathy thomas Says:

    I seem to remember meeting Enviroman at a halloween party….

  7. kovaleski Says:

    Do you notice that you never see me and Enviroman around the cheese dip at the same time…?

  8. Gauri Says:

    There is sumthin very appealin bout the character “Comedian” wit his cigar-chomping, gun-toting vigilante ways. But he gets murdered :( boo hooo!!!

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