Another mercifully short Q&A session

A question from far away…

i loved Bo NANAS…i am in taiwan…did not know you stopped.
why stop? more later?

I’m afraid Bo was never in enough newspapers, and thus not making much money. So after 4+ years it was time to end it. As for the comic strip continuing at some time in the future, it seems unlikely (but never say never.) I have done one mini-comic with Bo, hope to do some longer form work featuring him, and have at least one more reprint book coming out.

And you can read the reruns everyday at As they say, “Old Bo is better than no Bo.”

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3 Responses to “Another mercifully short Q&A session”

  1. Mike Witmer Says:

    If you ask me, Bo is/was better than a good portion of the “successful” strips out there.

  2. kovaleski Says:

    Thanks so much, Mike.

  3. Keith (RA) Says:

    I agree. Bo Nanas was done so well, you really looked forward to reading the next cartoon in the series (whether the next was a tie-in or not). I honestly can’t say that about quite a few syndicated comic strips running today. Hope your experience with Bo Nanas doesn’t discourage you to seek a syndicated comic again in the future. Nearer rather than later.

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