World’s shortest Q&A session

Charles Brubaker was nice enough to ask a question in the comments section and I figured I’d post it here in case you missed it.

Nice to see that you’re blogging. What have you been doing since Bo ended?


Thanks, Charles. I’m just hoping I don’t run out of stuff to say. (Meaning, stuff that would be interesting.)

What have I been doing…well, besides regular ol’ freelancing – working for MAD (another childhood dream come true), teaching college (both cartooning and “real art”), being the Humor Editor for Marian Heath Greeting Cards, working on some long-form comics, a bit of self-publishing, practicing my straight jacket escape…

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4 Responses to “World’s shortest Q&A session”

  1. Keith (RA) Says:

    You’ve been teaching college classes on cartooning? I’ll need to look into that.

    Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy. Hope that doesn’t take too much time away from your straight jacket escape practice.

  2. kovaleski Says:

    I’m gonna need to put something up about my escape artist past.

  3. Joe E. Fresh Says:

    Johnny K! MAD Magazine! YOU’VE MADE IT! (and i’m jealous). You are no longer just that ‘peas & potatoes-eating-bon vivant’ from your ‘big, faceless corporation’ days. I used to idolize Don Martin–the drooping noses, the toes that spilled over angled surfaces, the dainty pinkies…sigh. Now you share the same irreverant pages of MAD…
    PS: who’s hotter: Blondie Bumstead or Lois Griffin of Family Guy?

  4. kovaleski Says:

    How could you even ask? Blondie looks incredible for being about 75 years old.

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