Thursday is the new Sunday – Hats off!

For some reason reruns Sunday Bo Nanas on non-Sundays. For a time it was Wednesdays, now it seems to be Thursdays. I’ll keep you posted on other time shifts.

I thought it would be a nice idea each week to show the art you don’t end up seeing – the drop panel. This is piece of art, incorporating the comic strip’s title, that appears at the left…but only as filler if the newspaper’s layout needs it. Often times it doesn’t get used at all.

As luck would have it, the first one I’m showing you couldn’t be less creative. This Sunday strip is about buckets and I drew a drop panel with Bo in a bucket. What a stretch. I didn’t even color the background. (Sheesh.)

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4 Responses to “Thursday is the new Sunday – Hats off!”

  1. cbrubaker Says:

    Nice to see that you’re blogging.

    What have you been doing since Bo ended?


  2. Little Chin Burger Says:

    I love monkey in a bucket. It make me happy.

  3. kovaleski Says:

    Thanks, Charles. I’m just hoping I don’t run out of stuff to say. (Meaning, stuff that would be interesting.)

    What have I been doing…well, besides regular ol’ freelancing – working for MAD (another childhood dream come true), teaching college (both cartooning and “real art”), being the Humor Editor for Marian Heath Greeting Cards, working on some long-form comics, a bit of self-publishing, practicing my straight jacket escape…

  4. Margaret Shulock Says:

    Hi again, John. I love the idea of showing the drop panels. Because they are pressure free I always enjoy drawing them for Six Chix and writing them for Apartment 3-G. I also write for Snuffy Smith and some days it can be like pulling teeth. But when I get to the drop panels ideas just come, no strain at all. If only I could tap into that all the time!

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